This Lowered Infiniti In Japan Sits So Low It Has No Floor And Shoots Sparks

VIP constructions in Japan range from crazy to crazy, but that’s the norm for automotive culture in Japan. Thanks to Riverside in their Facebook post earlier this weekend (August 15, 2015), the largest car community caught a real video of this crazy Infiniti M45 attached to some images that have been floating recently on social media. Check out the video and social media posts below.


A quick glance through this Instagram owner reveals the amount of hard work and fabrication that this particular owner did to achieve such “crazy chaos”. To get this extreme fit and the ability of its wheels to settle so much on its wheel, the owner had to completely gut his floor to the point where there is a hole where there used to be carpet. And from the looks of some suspension shots in particular, it looks like its rear suspension geometry had to be modified so that even its rotors are bent.
If you like all the posture movement, the results of this particular Infiniti M45 build are absolutely stunning. Suffice it to say that your car is parked like no other. Japan is known for going to extremes with a sense of style and style that only they could achieve. And its roads are built and maintained so well that any fear of colliding with an obstruction while on the move was quenched. Crazy? Maybe. But there is something about it that has the gears absolutely tied to this VIP build. Position on Japan.


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