Microsoft announces new Windows 10 Start menu design and updated Alt-Tab

Microsoft is unveiling a new Windows 10 Start menu design that will emphasize its Live Tiles. The software giant first hinted at the updated design earlier this year, and it will hit the Windows 10 testers today. the application list and apply a uniform and partially transparent background to the tiles, “explains Microsoft in a blog post.
Essentially, reducing the color of the block mosaic interface on the Start menu will simplify it a bit and make it easier to scan the applications you use on a daily basis. It’s a subtle change, but it certainly makes the Start menu look a little less chaotic and prevents many tiles from sharing a similar blue color.

Along with an updated Start menu, the latest version of Windows 10 includes some important changes to Alt-Tab. “Starting with today’s build, all the tabs open in Microsoft Edge will start appearing in Alt-Tab, not just activating it in every browser window,” explains Microsoft. This seems like a change that might be a bit confusing to veteran Windows users, but luckily Microsoft allows you to get back to the classic Alt-Tab experience.
Microsoft experimented with Alt-Tab changes to Windows 10 builds in the past, when the company planned to add tabs to each application. There’s a lot of comment on Alt-Tab changes here, especially if Microsoft plans to turn this on by default when its next major Windows 10 update bylater this year.

Microsoft is also making some smaller changes with this new build of Windows 10. The appearance of the default taskbar will now also be more personalized with the Xbox app set for Xbox Live users or Your phone set for Android users. This will be limited to the creation of a new account on a PC or the first login, so the existing designs of the taskbar will remain unchanged.

Notifications now include an X in the upper right corner to allow you to quickly dismiss them, and Microsoft is also improving its Settings app in Windows 10. Links that would normally push you to the system part of the Legacy Control Panel system page now they will go to the About page in Settings. This will now house the more advanced controls normally found in that section of the Control Panel system, and Microsoft promises “more improvements to come that will bring the Settings even closer to the Control Panel.”


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