Google’s Stadia controller finally works wirelessly with Android devices

It has taken over six months, but Google’s Stadia controller now finally works wirelessly with Android devices. Originally, Google launched its Stadia service in November as a subscription to stream games to televisions, Android phones, and the web. Strangely, wireless controller support was missing at launch on Android devices, which meant you had to awkwardly connect the Stadia controller via USB.Google is releasing a Stadia update for its Android app today that will enable wireless support.

While the delay in compatibility with the Android wireless controller has not been ideal, Google has been gradually improving Stadia and introducing the features it originally promised during the initial introduction of the cloud streaming service. Google’s will give away free Stadia service during 4K streaming over the web launched was made available in April.

Despite the free version and more games being gradually added to the subscription, Stadia still lacks a sold-out pool of gamers and multiplayer games to fulfill Google’s bold ambition. Google promises to deliver more than 120 games to Stadia throughout 2020, so the selection of games will surely grow in the coming months.


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