Fortnite finally leaves early access as Epic slows down

Fortnite’s iconic Battle Royale game mode took the world by storm, and today, Epic Games has announced that it will finally remove the early access tag from both the free shooter game and the less popular Save the World original mode. Epic also announced that Save the World will continue to be a separate paid title from the free Battle Royale, and with the “official” launch, it will begin to slow down the launch of content for Save the World.

The early access tag for Fortnite is actually a carryover from when Epic Games first released Save the World in May 2017 as a paid early access title, but it has persisted in all versions of Fortnite so far, despite which is perhaps the most popular game right now.
A cooperative survival game, Save the World, originally described as a combination of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead, actually predates its much more popular Battle Royale spin-off (which was originally released as a secondary mode before becoming its own free game) play title) for a few months. After the success of Fortnite’s free Battle Royale mode, Epic had planned to make Save the World equally free, but with today’s announcement, it appears that those plans have changed as development slows down in Save the World.

As part of those changes, Epic has also said it will decrease support for new Battle Royale mode cosmetics in Save the World, though the company promises that players’ existing cosmetics and items will continue to work in both modes.
Epic has also announced that Save the World will switch to a seasonal model where existing events (such as the Winter Frostnite event) will be replayed annually on a separate Battle Royale mode schedule. There are also plans for the “Ventures” seasons that will feature new zones and additional modifiers to allow players to continue to progress in a replayable way, although details are still scarce


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