Fall Auburn Auction 2019 To Make History

Story made at the Auburn Fall Auction 2019

Some historic cars were sold here at the Fall 2019 Auburn Auction, as the tradition of celebrating car history continues this Labor Day weekend. Once again on Saturday, the best seller was a silver 2005 Ford GT priced at $ 265,000. The day before, on Friday, the same thing happened with a red Ford GT Mark IV 2005 that sold for $ 275,000. But two of the most disputed bidding wars erupted when a 1933 Chrysler CL Dual-Windshield Phaeton sold for $ 175,000 and a 1923 Duesenberg sold for $ 170,000. It’s all part of the great Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Festival here in Auburn, Indiana. It’s primetime Saturday here at the Fall Auburn Auction, and the bidding action got intense here this afternoon at the RM Auction Park.

The 1933 Chrysler CL Imperial Dual-Cowl Phaeton was impressive as it entered the auction stage here in Auburn during the 49th annual Labor Day weekend sale from August 29 to September 1, 2019. He is one of the less than twenty authentic survivors. It has a known history and is loaded with provenance. It is not surprising that the tender has been contested. The bidding didn’t stop until this beautiful dual-windshield convertible sold for $ 175,000. Here are photos from Saturday’s sale.

This year’s Fall Auburn Auction on Labor Day weekend is shaping up to be the great national auction that simply cannot be missed. Since hundreds of collectors’ cars and motoring items are expected to cross the auction block for the giant sale, the auction at the Auburn Auction Park during the ACD Festival is a tradition collectors treasure. Cars-On-Line.com is available to bring you all the best selling news and reports here in Auburn, Indiana this weekend. Find more of the best cars from the 2019 Auburn Fall Auction on the auction inventory page at Cars-On-Line.com.

Since we are here in Auburn, Indiana, our readers will enjoy the sites and sounds of the Fall Auburn Auction almost as if they were here. Here’s a sample of what we saw on primetime Saturday at the Fall 2019 Auburn Auction. (Click on the video window below.)


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