Not always successful project is not just about making sure all the electrons are shown, or building something that won’t collapse under its own weight. Many projects involve a fair amount of social engineering to be counted as a success, especially those that can result in arrest and imprisonment if they are built as originally planned. These projects are often called “the fun ones.”


For the past few months, we’ve been following [Bitluni] ‘s DIY electric scooter construction, which had followed the usual path for these things: grab a scooter without a spare motor, replace the rear wheel with a 250W hub motor , add an ESC, battery and throttle, and voila. However, things took a very interesting turn when his street tests clashed with German law, which limits small electric vehicles to 6 kph that induce yawning. Not willing to die like this, [Bitluni] found an alternative solution: vehicles that are only assisted by an electric motor have a much more reasonable speed limit of 25 km / h. So he added an Arduino with a gyroscope and accelerometer module and wrote a program to power just the wheel after the rider has kicked the scooter multiple times, without the need for an accelerator. The engine stops after a moment, needing another push or two to restart it. A brake lever kills the motor, just like turning the scooter on its side. It’s a pretty clever design, and while it may not keep Polizei at bay, it can’t be said that it didn’t try.



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