Concours of Elegance limelight – Classic style

The first youth pageant will be a characterful addition to this year’s Elegance Pageant.

This new feature will celebrate the best gasoline, pedal and electric mid-scale cars of all ages, with parents and their children involved in the roles of “construction” drivers and mechanics.

And leading what is expected to be a 20-person lineup at Hampton Court Palace between September 4-6 will be the Bugatti Baby II (pictured), Austin J40, Porsche 917, Jaguar E-types, and Lancia. D24 also confirmed.

“With our Junior Concours, we are illuminating the fascinating world of specially designed children’s cars, made popular by the Austin J40, of which nearly 32,000 were built from 1950,” said Andrew Evans, Director of Concours of Elegance.


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