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Angkor EV (mentioned in sources with various names including Angkor 333-1000AngkorAngkor EV 2011Angkor EV 2013 and Angkor EV 2014) is a proposed Cambodian electric car developed by the company Heng Development.


Various vehicles were developed under the name Angkor or Angkor 333-1000 as a private initiative of Nhean Phaloek. They were open-roof, two-seater microcars. Reliable technical specifications of these vehicles, of which the alleged third version caused an increased media interest, are not available.[1][2]

As early as 2011, a mass-production version was announced.[3] In early 2013, Heng Development presented a revised version of the closed-body model. At the same time, technical problems had allegedly been resolved.[4]

By mid-2013, production had not started yet.[5] In 2014, after investors withdrew from the project, Heng Development was looking for new ones.[6]

For the production going ahead, an investment of US$100 million for a plant with about 300 employees was needed.[7] However, mass-production can not be verified as of January 2019.

Technical specifications[edit]

According to data given in 2014 by the car developer Phalleok, the vehicle would reach a speed of 60 km/h and have a range of up to 300 kilometres. The equipment would include GPS and keyless ignition system.[8][6][9]

A possible price tag of US$10,000 was announced.[8][6]

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