Amazon just un-released its flagship video game Crucible

Amazon-owned gaming studio Relentless is putting its free shooting game Crucible back into a closed beta state after admitting that it released the game before it was ready. In a blog post released Tuesday, franchise leader Colin Johanson says the focus is now on “providing the best possible experience for our players as we continue to improve the game,” so the game will return to a pre-launch state. to give the studio room to make changes and plan a more robust launch.

“We will continue to follow the roadmap we established earlier and work on changes to the map, combat, and system to enhance the Heart of the Hives experience, as well as to implement other improvements based on your feedback and what we believe the game needs to thrive, “writes Johanson.

The move is a pretty startling admission of failure surrounding the launch of Crucible in late May. Combining elements of Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with the hero shooter genre, the title came with little fanfare and amid the highly competitive free-to-play PC market that includes numerous Battle Royale titles, the new and popular tactical shooter from Riot, Valorant, and dominant existing eSports like League of Legends and Overwatch.

While Crucible brought some genuine innovations to the table, the game’s overall lack of originality and its lackluster characters, combat, and art style made it largely forgettable. He also suffered a small identity crisis trying to be a little bit of everything at once: a shooting hero, a battle royale and a MOBA. Last month, Relentless abandoned the game’s most peripheral peripheral team battle and deathmatch modes to focus solely on MOBA-inspired Heart of the Hives mode. However, that didn’t seem to give the studio enough time to fix core issues and make the game more attractive to new players.

Relentless says it will now take time each week to play around with the community and solicit feedback. “We are creating a community council, comprised of beta participants from all play styles, from casual to highly competitive players, who we will be working closely with. We will have more information on that council, as well as our weekly game hours, soon” Johanson explains.

For those who have already downloaded Crucible, Relentless says the game will continue to work normally and can be started from Steam without the need to download anything. Players will also retain the progress of the battle pass and cosmetic items they may have earned or purchased, and the in-game store remains open. But for those who want to play and haven’t downloaded the game, they have until 12 p.m. ET / 9 a.m. ET tomorrow to download it before it officially enters the closed beta phase by invitation only. At some point in the future, interested players may register to access through the game’s website.

“We will continue to post updates, working with organizers to organize tournaments, talking to you on Discord, the subreddit and our other social media channels, and increasingly improving Crucible with your help. When we exit beta, it will build on your feedback and the metrics we see in the game, “Johanson writes. Relentless also encourages players to continue to share screenshots and clips, encourages friends to play, and openly talks about the game on social media.


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